The perfect soundtrack to your perfect wedding

If the thought of finding a decent wedding DJ fills you with fear then relax – we’ve got you! We’ve all been to weddings where the DJ talks
too much and plays ‘classics’ that no one wants to dance to, so we’ve decided to do things differently.

Our DJs...

Our in-house DJs are seasoned professionals, who have played at weddings up and down the country. Tom is our main DJ (although our others are just as amazing). His highlights include playing the Monaco Grand Prix closing party for Redbull and wowing the partygoers on Koh Phang Yang beach in Thailand (it doesn’t get much better than that!) We’re not music snobs and we’ll work with you to create the ultimate soundtrack to get the dance floor packed and give you a night to remember.
Whether it’s Motown or Motorhead, together we’ll get it just right. We supply everything you need, our super sound system will give you crystal clear tunes with no crackle and we’ll bring enough lights to create a perfect atmosphere. Not only that but our DJ booths look brilliant too, there’s a vintage style booth with a rustic white picket fence festooned with beautiful bunting and ivy or a more simple option in black. Don’t want a talker? Don’t worry – other than making announcements like the first dance we let the music do the talking!

Our biggest Bear Hugs

So what makes our Bear Hug DJs so great?

  • Must have lots of experience!
  • Encyclopedic music knowledge is essential
  • Needs to know how to read the crowd
  • The sound system has to be amazing
  • Trusted to create perfect party vibes
  • Absolutely NEVER any cheese
    (unless someone wants cheese!)
Dj weddings

Come and check out our Soundcloud page to hear some sample mixes, and don’t forget we also offer the ultimate Photo Booth experience
and creative wedding lighting.